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Jonas follower in Spielberg qualifying with setup problems on grid position 13

Saturday, August 12th, 2017 | Sports

Jonas Folger got lost in Spielberg during the setup

detlefcordes.org – Jonas Folger has a frustrating Saturday in Spielberg. In the third free practice, he missed the direct entry into the QP2 as the twelfth by only slightly more than eight hundredths of a second, in the QP1 he was then unfortunate third and missed the last chance for the front four starting rows. This time it was not one-and-a-half tenths. His 1: 24,015 would have brought him in the QP2 before Cal Crutchlow, who won 9th place. So, however, Folger in Austria has to start from position 13 in row five.

Entry into the QP2 conceivably just missed
I believe I was not ready on Friday to tell which direction we should go.Jonas follower
"I think I was not ready on Friday to tell you which direction to go in. That gave us a good start I did not feel comfortable on the track, but that was due to my driving. " With the new chassis of his Yamaha, Folger did not manage at all in Spielberg. However, switching back to the old version did not bring the desired success. "In the end, we were in a circle," says Folger. "Now we are back where we started on Friday."
The whole qualifying then drove with the old chassis, but he is not really satisfied with his tactics either. "The problem was," he explains, "that everything was too late for me, I did not change the tire, I went back and said they should leave the old tire up because the new tire for me But I'm not sure if it's a good thing to do. " But this attack came too late in the only fifteen-minute session. This is also clear. "It was certainly not everything," the rookie said, "there would have been something else, maybe it would have been the time from Zarco, so we had the problem of getting lost . " So this time, Folger paid Rookie apprenticeship.
Jonas Folger paid for Rookie apprenticeship in Spielberg
Confidence in the race despite a difficult starting position
In the end, we have expected bad things and have still quite well.Jonas follower
The Bayer had a lot of effort to curb his Tech3 Yamaha on the track, and now he wants to go the other way in the race set-up. "We've been softer, softer, softer, and now we're getting harder and harder." We've set the chassis geometry back to normal, which means more weight on the rear tire So we'll have the motorcycle from Friday. " Despite all the set-up difficulties, the rookie hopes for the race: "The starting position is bad," he admits, adding, "Sure, this is not optimal, but ultimately I have a good feeling because we have driven the time. I know how it feels and that it is not everything and that I can adapt to the conditions and the course, so it could be a super race again tomorrow, even if the starting position does not fit. " At the end of the qualifying day of Spielberg, however, Folger then draws a sober conclusion: "In the end, we expected bad things and have still quite well."
To prevent a similar setup disaster from happening again, Folger wants to work on his communication with the team. He thinks, "I think I just have to take care of my statements at the beginning. I'm not allowed to turn around too much in the beginning, because that often goes in the wrong direction." The real reason for his problems, he is not looking for either the team or the motorcycle, but himself. "I simply did not feel comfortable with the track, maybe with the conditions," admits follower. "It was difficult, I was not fast, so the bike did not work."

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