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Chris Cornell How Did He Die

Sunday, August 13th, 2017 | Gossip

Chris Cornell How Did He Die

Chris Cornell How Did He Die

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Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell was found laying dead in the bathroom of his Detroit hotel room. He was 52-years old at the time of his death. How did he die?

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How did Chris Cornell die? Chris died on May 17 at the age of 52. The Medical Examiner’s Office said in a statement :“The cause of death has been determined as …

However, Wayne County assistant medical examiner Theodore Brown ruled Cornell’s death a suicide, and he wrote in his report that “these drugs did not contribute …

In his song Sunshower, Chris wrote: All you’ll be, you are today. It’s alright when you’re caught in pain and you feel the rain come down.

Chris Cornell, the powerful, dynamic singer whose band Soundgarden was one of the architects of grunge music, died on Wednesday night in Detroit hours …

Chris Cornell (20 July 1964 – 18 May 2017) was an American guitarist/singer-songwriter most well-known for being the lead singer of the bands Soundgarden …

Chris Cornell died by suicide. He was one of my favorite singers, and he had everything to live for so why suicide? It may be due to something not many …

Chris Cornell, Soundtrack: Man of Steel. Chris Cornell was a rock icon who thrived on contradictions. An innovator who resisted genre labels, he was nonetheless a …

A 911 call made from a medic at the scene of Chris Cornell’s death in his Detroit MGM Grand Hotel room from 1:30AM on May 18th has surfaced on Jack Klompus …

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